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Imagine waking up everyday and knowing where your business is going, what the next steps are to get you where you want to be and how to get there. Feeling great because of what you are creating for the people you are helping and looking forward to going to work in an environment that allows them to feel true success.

Inspired by what makes certain businesses successful and others struggle, he noticed some specific ways that successful owners act and communicate that creates an environment for success. Patterns that they follow and things that they do on a day-to-day basis that raises them beyond their peers. Over 20 years Kevin studied and captured that information that he now shares to help others get the success they desire for their business and themselves

Raised in a blue-collar entrepreneurial household it became apparent to Kevin at a very early age that his father, while a hard worker and dedicated provider with high family values, never had the time and money he hoped for as a business owner. His dad worked endless hours, lived away from home all week and returning home only on weekends to his young family and their home in the country because he felt that it was his responsibility and it was the right thing to do.

Like most kids though, He didn't want to work in my family business and after going off to college he got a corporate job and also started a technical consulting firm hoping to fund his future. Unfortunately it caused him to realize why his father and him only had time for one chance to have a catch as he started working 80-90 hours per week to make his future what he envisioned and didn't have time to enjoy his life.

While on the books he was making good money it just never translated to his wallet and after 6 years shut down the firm after he was offered a great opportunity to head up some awesome projects for one of his major clients and started to have time to think again about his future.

Over the next 10 years he encircled himself with mentors and successful business owners and was able to rejuvenate his passion and understanding of what it took to be a better business owner. Starting some online business projects that have faced the test of time and continue to allow him to help people who are in the situation he was and want to start a business of their own but afraid to take the leap.

He then started RIY Business Group to meet the needs that he had experienced as a small business owner. It provides a way to help the small business owner to get through the day to day challenges of business ownership without having to do it alone, Provides a pattern and system for the person who knows what needs to be done but hasn't been able to figure out how to do it themselves, the business owner who is looking for a person who they can trust, bounce ideas off of and someone to be accountable to. He has created several alliances to help provide you, the business owner, his clients, with the tools and resources to move you to where you want to be and where you dream your business of being.

Helping You, Re-Invent Your Business for your future.