RIY Business Group was started because as a small business owner I had experienced frustration and need for guidance. Everything seemed to fall into my lap and it was all a priority and critical for my business to succeed.

Because of that experience, I began searching for a way to help the small to medium business owner to get through the day-to-day challenges of business ownership and having to figure things out alone, like I had to. I wanted to be able to assist the person who, depending on the time and day has to wear many different hats, which they find don’t fit their heads very comfortably.

I knew from first hand experiences that some things came naturally and others didn’t, but I didn’t know where to turn to get the help and information I needed to succeed. I knew what needed to be done but hadn’t been able to figure out how to do it myself. I was looking for a person who I could trust, bounce ideas off of, and get kicked in the tail sometimes but be accountable to.

Luckily a chance meeting with a friend of a friend connected me with the answer I was searching for–a group of successful business people who had developed a system of training and education providing access to resources and experts who were willing to share their knowledge with me. I was able to plug into a process and system for learning at my pace and in the way I could retain the knowledge.

After years of experience, learning and insight from these successful business owners, I decided to pay it forward and begin to help others, not by doing it for them, but by teaching them how to do it for themselves. I created RIY with a vision of providing personal real life knowledge that was learned from building a successful business along with the years of business knowledge bestowed on me from my mentors

I have been there; I know how frustrating and scary it is at times to be responsible for every decision you make without someone to confer with or trust to share with.

This is Why I built RIY Business Group and Why I get up everyday looking forward to helping people like You. Check out what we can offer you through our coaching programs and great tools and lets talk about what we can do for your business to get it to where you dreamed it to be.